Custom Lighting

Let Speed Styles help you SEE and BE SEEN with our Custom Lighting products and accessories.

HEADLIGHTS…change the appearance and performance of your stock headlights with a new look.
TAILLIGHTS…replacements for plain factory taillights to bring out the look of your vehicle.
FOGLIGHTS…increases your lighting capabilities with aftermarket fog lighting kits
MARKER LIGHTS…increases the ability to be seen at night and add some stylish flare.
INTERIOR LIGHTS…give your ride a little mood lighting to accent your interior.
BULBS and MORE…replace your stock bulbs with upgraded bulbs and conversion kits for added visibility and style.

  • How about a HID Headlight Conversion Kit?  Speed Styles can convert your standard headlights into a REAL HID “High Intensity Discharge” Lighting System.
  • Do you need replacement parking lights, turn signals, marker light bulbs?
    Speed Styles has you covered from sizes:
    1156, 1157, 3156, 3157, 7443, 194, 74 and more.
  • Perhaps you want to convert your “sealed beam” headlights to be able to use aftermarket bulb upgrades.
  • Don’t forget the little ones…Clear corner, bumper and side marker lights.
  • Or try the Japanese style all-clear replacement lights.
  • Speed Styles has many sizes and colors are available.

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Call a Speed Styles representative at 704-882-0333 for your application.