Performance Parts

Do you have a need for SPEED?

…well SPEED STYLES can help you get into gear.

Whether you have a need to GO FASTER or STOP FASTER we can help you cover the spectrum from Air Intakes, Exhaust Systems, Transmissions, Brakes, Suspension Kits (Lifting & Lower) and if that is not enough then Engine Mods from Turbos, Superchargers, Nitrous and more.

Some of our customers want to increase performance for as little money as possible…

• One option is with throttle body spacers which helps the air coming into the vehicle to spin thus creating a vortex that speeds up the airflow, aiding in power delivery and air/fuel mixture combustion.
• A very popular item to get your Car or Truck feeling better is adding a cold air intake…not that expensive and often help improve fuel mileage.
• One of the more popular options is putting in a short throw shifter to make your ride quicker without having the more expensive path of power gaining options.
• Don’t forget to add a little growl to the engine with some custom headers and dual exhaust system – chrome tailpipe extensions accessories, of course.


We encourage you to look around, visit our store and give us a call 704-882-0333. It’s your ride so whether you add a lot of accessories or a little…it should be as you want it.

Speed Styles offers professional installation – Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority.