Air Intakes

Speed Styles offers a complete line up of Air Intake Systems for your Car, Truck & SUV needs.  Replacing and upgrading your air intake system with a Cold Air intake is a very straight-forward approach to gaining some horsepower and efficiency.   Our most popular system is K&N’s Cold Air Intake but we have many other suppliers to choose from based on your specific needs and desired appearance under the hood.
Air is one of the three main ingredients in producing more power in any combustion engine: AIR, FUEL and SPARK.  

With improved air intake you allow more air to get into the system; thus supplying cooler air for your engine ‘ both of which are benefits to efficiency and power increases.

Please click on the links below to our network of manufacturers and suppliers of the world’s leading Air Intake systems.  Give us a call at 704-882-0333 to discuss your specific vehicle application and order your Air Intake system today!

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