Speed Styles can help you come to a STOP!  We install performance BRAKES, ROTORS, BRAKE PADS for your Car, Truck & SUV.   We offer a complete line of BRAKE ROTERS from Cross Drilled Rotors, Dimpled Rotors, Slotted Rotors to Performance Rotors and more.  Typically, these rotors provide much better performance than your stock rotors and add a little style to your ride.

When it comes to BRAKES then Brembo brakes is a very popular choice but we have several other alternatives to get you the right performance and feel.

Also, do you want to show off your brake calipers with your open-styled wheels?   Speed Styles can apply G2 Caliper Paint Epoxy Kits to match your  color scheme and add a touch of class.

Please click on the links below to our network of manufacturers and suppliers of BRAKES, ROTORS, BRAKE PADS, BRAKE LINES and more.  Give us a call at 704-882-0333 to discuss your specific vehicle application today!

We encourage you to look around, visit our store and give us a call 704-882-0333.   Our goal is to give you inspiration to do things you might not have considered yet…It’s your ride so whether you add a lot of performance or a little…it should be as you want it.

Speed Styles offers professional installation – Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority