Commerical Tinting

Acuity, the clear choice
Lower your Energy Costs &
Stay Cool in Summer and Warm in Winter
Unfiltered sunlight creates hot spots, increases the overall temperature in your offices and raises your air conditioning costs.

Acuity Architectural Films are essentially a thermal shield that blocks the inflow of solar heat in the summer, and adds a layer of insulation to help retain heat in the winter.

Acuity Architectural Films are applied to the inside of your windows and reduce solar energy by up to 84% preventing the needless waste of expensive energy.

Enhance Employee Comfort and Productivity
Acuity Architectural Films behave as a passive thermostat that stabilizes seasonal temperature fluctuations enhances the comfort and productivity of employees and will quickly pay for itself through energy conservation. Reduce Glare – Glare can be hard on the eyes, and reflections are annoying when working on your computer or reviewing paperwork with unprotected windows. With Acuity Architectural Films, you will be able to view your screen and read comfortably.
Protect Valuable Possessions
Large windows invite light, brighten our environments and enhance productivity. However, exposing our valuable belongings to light, ultraviolet radiation and heat will severely damage carpets, upholstered fabrics, furniture, painted surfaces and even hard wood floors. Sunlight will bleach the life out of your office: Vibrant, rich colors will fade and become dull… patterns and contrasts will lose their beauty.

You can drastically reduce the harmful effects of UV exposure and protect the integrity of your office furnishings with Acuity Architectural Films. Our films are transparent, yet eliminate up to 99% of harmful UV light. They are also available in a number of attractive shades specifically formulated for today’s use of glass by interior designers and architects.

Protect Privacy
Keep your valuables out of sight and protect the privacy of your business with transparent and translucent Acuity Privacy Films. These films control the view into your business from the outside and create a more secure environment for you and your staff.



Maintain Safety and Security
Large windows are beautiful, but they are vulnerable to breakage from a variety of causes: accidents, vandalism, burglary, high winds and earthquakes. Whatever the cause, shattered window shards can fly at high speeds, substantial distances and inflict serious injury.

You cannot control crime or weather, and accidents will happen… but you can do something to minimize their impact. You can upgrade to Acuity Safety and Security

These films offer a higher level of protection and help to hold broken glass shards in place upon impact. Our film’s construction and strong adhesives make a firm bond with your window and maintain your safety. If your business is exposed to potential threats, protect your valuables and enjoy peace of mind.
Improve Appearance
Acuity Architectural Films enhance office décor and provide a uniform appearance to the exterior of your property, improving curb appeal and increasing property values.


Superior Clarity
Acuity Architectural Films are your business’ sunscreen. You will get all the protection without sacrificing the view. Our films are available in a broad palette of designer colors, shades, weights and VLTs (Visible Light Transmission): From virtually undetectable and “natural” to fully reflective, all of our films are free of distortion. Select a film that is consistent with your office décor.
Frosted Decorative Films
Current trends in open-plan office spaces call for glass to divide work areas, conference rooms and open hallways. Glass-enclosed offices and work spaces are bright and open, but provide little privacy. How to have the best of both worlds? Frosted window film applied to interior glass areas is the ideal solution.

Acuity Decorative Films are available in solid or custom patterns, and project a contemporary and elegant image while delivering privacy. Frosted films reduce visibility and endow glass with an attractive translucent quality. This film also provides an important safety feature in the form of preventing shards of broken glass from detaching (see “Safety and Security” section).

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Acuity Architectural Films are only available through our national network of professional installers and feature our unrivaled, factory-backed comprehensive

Limited 10-Year Commercial Warranty.

Acuity Architectural Films are made from all metal laminates and UV protection is built into all layers as well as in between the laminates, to provide the highest possible UV protection available in the marketplace. Our films offer a range of features, benefits and solutions for every application.

Our films are easy to maintain, are durable and will provide many years of protection and comfort. Please contact us to determine which Acuity Architectural Film is best for your business.